Pancreas Stone and Pancreas Cancer

Patient: Sujeet Kumar Singh
Surgery: Pancreas stone and Tumor
Pancreas is an organ and a gland.Glands release substances in the body.The size of pancreas is about 6 inches which is behind the stomach and in the front of spleen and covers the gallblader liver and spleen.The Pancreas has four parts the head neck body tail.

There are some diorders which can effect the pancreas. Type 1 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Pancreatic cancer

 Functions Pancreas has two functions Exocrine function: Produces enzimes which helps in digestion. Endocrine Function: Sends hormones that controllthe amount of sugar in your bloodstreamPancreatic cancer

 Pancreatic cancerThe most common symptoms of pancreatic cancer are loss of appetite, jaundice and weight loss. Diagnosis is usually established with a triple phase CECT abdomen. The management of pancreatic cancer depends on location of tumor in pancreas and stage of disease. If tumor is located in head whipple pancreatico duodenectomy surgery is required. For tumors located in tail of pancreas, distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy is usually required. We do central pancreatectomy for tumors located in mid body of pancreas, thereby minimizing removal of normal pancreas. In cases were stage of disease is early and surgery is performed in early course of treatment the prognosis is usually good. In case of any Parcreas disease you need to visit the best Pancreas doctor.The problems related to pancreas should not be ignored and shoud be treated at the starting stage only,once ignored it makes the condition more worst and leads to pacreatic cancer.Doctor Waliullah Siddiqui is highly experienced and the best Pancreas doctor in Lucknow.