Gall Bladder and Bile Duct disorder

 Patient: Ashok kumar singh
Location: Hardoi
Surgery: Gallbladder Cancer
The Gall’s bladder is a pear-shaped organ that is located just below the liver and collects the bile fluid produced by the liver which helps in the digestion of food.
Gallstone: Some substances in the gallbladder can crystallize forming gallbladderstones. Thesegallbladder stones can cause pain and nausea.
Cholecystitis: The infection in the gallbladder which is caused because of gallstone leads to cholecystitis. The pain can be severe and can cause fever. It requires surgery if the problem continues.

 Gall bladder cancer: Gallbladder cancer is the rare reset form of cancer generally diagnosed at the last stage.
The bile duct can be blocked by cancer which causes a problem in carrying the bile from the liver to the small intestine which helps in the digestion of food.Jaundice, Nausea and vomiting,itchy skin, and pain are some symptoms of bile duct disorders. Doctor Waliullah Siddiqui is a skilled gallbladder surgeon who is known for his gallbladder surgeries in India. He takes good care of his patient for a good and healthy recovery.