Liver Transplant

Patient: Vinod Kumar Patel
Surgery: Liver Transplant
A liver transplant replaces a diseased liver with a healthy one. The donor can be anyone whose blood type is a good match. The liver is the only part of the human body that grows back to normal size after surgery in I few weeks

Transplant is needed for end-stage liver disease (chronic liver failure). The salient cause of liverfailure is liver cirrhosis. Scar tissues are formed every time the liver tries to recover itself after any disease or alcohol. The scar tissues create a deterrentto the proper functioning of the liver. In such cases, a liver transplant is the only option left for the patient to endure.
The liver doctor has expertise in Hepato Pancreatic Biliary Surgeries (HPB), Liver Transplant and Liver Resection, Bariatric Surgery- minimal access route, Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgeon, and Minimal Access Surgery.
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