Gallbladder Cancer

Patient: Mahroof Akhtar Khan
Location: Rampur
Surgery: Gallbladder Cancer
The Gall’s bladder is a pear-shaped organ that is located just below the liver.The bile fliud which helps in the digestion of food is secretaed by the Liver. Long standing gall stones predisposes to GBC. Symptoms are mostly continuous pain right upper abdomen, weight loss, loss of appetite. In patients were gall bladder cancer present with jaundice its usually an advanced stage. Stage of disease is best assessed with MRI/ CT of abdomen and at times PET scan is required. Intraoperative ultrasound helps in decision making for margin of excision. Surgery is best treatment modality for GBC. Most commonly performed surgery at our center is laparoscopic/ open extended cholecystectomy with hepatoduodenal lymph node dissection. CBD excision with hepaticojejunostomy is at times necessary to obtain negative margin. Surgery offers excellent long term relief in patients with early stage of disease.

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