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Patient: Vinod Kumar Patel
Surgery: Liver Transplant
Liver is a unique organ in body. It is lies in right upper part of abdomen. Liver is divided into right and left lobes which is further divided into 8 segments. An adult liver weighs around 1.2 kg and is the largest organ of the body. Liver lies below the diaphragm and is related with gall bladder on undersurface and stomach on the left. The blood inflow to liver is around 1500 ml/min. which is the higher than any other organ of body and is through two main vessels namely -hepatic artery and portal vein. The outflow vessels known as hepatic veins carries blood away from liver into the inferior vena cava (IVC).Liver synthesize bile which leaves liver through bile ducts (hepatic ducts).

Dr. Waliullah Siddiqui is a highly experienced Surgical Gastroenterologist having vast experience in liver, pancreas, biliary and advanced laparoscopy surgeries. He is also one of the best Liver transplant Surgeon in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh.The Doctor has done a multiple liver transplant surgeries.Not only this the first transplant in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh was also done by the best liver surgeon Dr.Waliullah Siddiqui.

Liver diseases and symptoms

The liver is one of the most important parts of the human body and helps in the detoxification of the organism. Fatty liver, Hepatitis C, Liver cirrhosis, Jaundice, Pancreatitis, Inflammation, stones, or gallbladder blockage are some of the most common liver diseases. In early stage of liver disease, the symptoms are nonspecific. Development of fatigue, pain abdomen, recurrent fever, anorexia (decrease appetite), dark colored urine, yellowish sclera of eyes or inability to concentrate can be few early signs of liver disease. Signs of advanced liver disease are-
1. Bleeding (hematemesis)– Through mouth or per rectum.
2. Jaundice- Yellowish discoloration of skin and sclera of eyes.
3. Ascites- Collection of fluid into abdomen leading to tense abdomen. It is a sign of advanced liver failure. Such patients are at risk of further kidney damage due to fluid removing (diuretic) medications.
4. Hepatic encephalopathy- The condition from inability to concentrate or sleep deprivation to end stage coma. It is a sign of advanced liver disease and such patients should be in regular follow up doctors. These patients should avoid constipation and sedative (sleep causing) drugs. Although ther are many Liver diseases but Doctor Waliullah Siddiqui treats them well. Not only Liver but the doctor has specialty in gallbladder and pancreas, biliary and advanced laparoscopy surgeries
Although ther are many Liver diseases but Doctor Waliullah Siddiqui treats them well. Not only Liver but the doctor has specialty in gallbladder and pancreas, biliary and advanced laparoscopy surgeries.


Liver cancer- Most commonly includes hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and liver metastasis from colon or rectal cancers. Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma are now being commonly seen. Most common symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss. Liver cancers are mostly diagnosed with triple contrast CT scan of abdomen. In most patient’s surgery offers long term relief. The most commonly performed surgery is partial excision of liver called right or left hepatectomy . In cases were cancer is limited to left lateral segment of liver a left lateral segmental excision of liver is performed laparoscopically with excellent results. In most cases of liver metastasis we do laparoscopic metastatectomy. Even with removal of 60% of liver the liver regains its normal volume within 2 weeks, so a major liver resection of 60% can be done safely in most patients. In cases were surgery cannot be performed initially the option is to give TACE (trans arterial chemoembolization) initially which shrinks the tumor followed by surgical excision. The acclaimed and Best Liver Cancer doctor in Lucknow – Dr. Waliullah Siddiqui manages influential, effective treatments related to Liver and Liver Cancer. He has treated several liver cancer patients and has given them a new life. Liver Cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis or chronic liver parenchymal disease (CLD) is fibrotic condition of liver leading to end to end stage liver failure. The common causative factors are hepatitis virus (HBV, HBC), alcohol consumption and obesity (Non alcoholic steatohepatis or NASH). Among rare causes of cirrhosis are Wilson disease, autoimmune etc. Sometimes the cause of liver cirrhosis is not known and is called cryptogenic liver cirrhosis. The liver once damaged can't be undone, but if liver cirrhosis is diagnosed at an early stage further damage can be limited and, rarely, reversed. Dr. Waliullah Siddiqui is a skilled Liver specialist having trained in the most contemporary Liver transplant systems and clinical practices to produce the best results for the patients.